Our Worship starts off with prayer request, praises, and testimonies. We then have a couple hymns, and then a time of fellowship which we go around the sanctuary with a greeting by either handshake or hug. Most everyone hugs. We do honor those who do not want contact and respect their choice.
A visitor’s folder with information about the church and an information card in it to fill out. We then have the offering and another hymn. Sometimes, we have special music where a member will sing a solo.

Then, starts the sermon, which is always out of the Bible, and will only come from the Bible. The message will be explained in simple terms everyone can understand. After the sermon, a short Plan of Salvation is given, and then an invitation is given for someone to have a chance to accept Christ as their Savior, prayer, join the church, or ask to be baptized. After the invitation is completed, and questions and answers are complete, we then have a circle and sing a departing song.

Sunday Worship

When: 10:15 AM